Formed to provide restoration services to home owners and sellers.


  • Rescue historically significant structures.

  • Preserve a city or town’s historical presence.


What sets Historic Home Restorations apart:

  • We are not contractors, we are historical  consultants.


Integrating new materials with existing décor:

  • Maintaining the art of “old craftsmen”.


Restoration - Rapidly growing industry.

  • Green awareness - sustainable resources

  • Stewardship of the environment.

Provide Consulting Services to:

• Individuals seeking to purchase historic home(s)

• Full Real Estate Services

• Individual Home Owners:

– Who wish to not just remodel but to restore the original beauty.

– Who are not aware of the historical significance or analysis of their neighborhood

•Home Owner Associations and Historical Societies

– Wish to preserve the rich and illustrious history of the designated location

– Recognize architectural landmarks, historical sites and finely appointed homes

– Generate a supporting community spirit